No Fools, a new blog everyday in April

photo(109)Ok let’s get started! a new blog post every day for the month of April!

Been working like mad on new clothes for old friends  (Pics to come)

Carnival Wax is giving out free samples with all product orders ( no free samples with samples!)

Carnival Wax Display Banner

Carnival Wax Display Banner


Valentine’s Day Mayhem!

Ol' Rudy by Joseph Hernandez

Ol’ Rudy by Joseph Hernandez

What better gift than the amazing romantic erotic hypnotic perfumes from Carnival Wax. Beware though as time is running out for ordering in time to receive your package! Get those orders in by the 10th of February and they will go out USPS Priority Mail with a few special gifts included.

Top Five Valentine’s Recommendations:






and what’s Valentine’s Day without a little Rock and Roll!

One of my Favorite outfits i made for Rob

One of my Favorite outfits i made for Rob

justin three quater shot

Fergie sporting NYCL shorts and studded jacket

Fergie sporting NYCL shorts and studded jacket




Christmas with Ol’ Rudy

Just a reminder to place all orders for Christmas delivery before Midnight on Wednesday the 18th. I know it’s only a day away but get online and order away and we shall get right on them. We ship United States Postal and send out all orders Priority Mail with tracking.

drug copy


Candles in stock: SugarWitch and Warrior 65

ss16ozmason__82639.1268006082.600.600Now in stock our amazing long burning super scented candles in two scents: Sugar Witch and Warrior 65

the “Mason” jar – $110
Sixteen ounces of generously scented soy wax fill this twenty-four ounce jar to its half way mark providing an instant enchanting glow at first light!
Comes in old cloth pouch with a scrolled poem of The Tale of Ol’ Rudy.

(Keep the Candle and give the pouch as a gift!)


Each candle is uniquely hand finished. Green color will vary from batch to batch. This is its charm!
Approximate burn time 100+ hrs

Sugar Witch: Top notes of Juicy Lemons and Tangerines followed by Sweet Sugary Cookies finished with a Sexy Woodsy bottom.

Warrior 65:  Ol’ Rudy’s lusty sandalwood effusion is the balmy scent of desires unleashed.
Fight Fuck. Love Hate. Live Die

All candle orders come with mixed collection of FREE samples of our perfumes and a special sample of Warrior 65, please give us some feedback on Warrior 65, it’s new and about to be released as a fragrance

Drug Lord 2, The Return of Drug Lord


I am excited to announce that after all hope was lost for “Drug Lord” due to the unavailability of a proprietary essential oil blend, I have found another source and have introduced  Drug Lord 2

This version has all the great notes of the original plus a more complex finish. Drug Lord is back!!!


Candles are back!!!


Handmade (as is everything) candles are back in stock on the website. Just click the above pic and get taken directly to the order page

Sometime in an early age of discovery, Ol’ Rudy sailed from a distant port in the company of his good friend the Captain of the Southern Seas, bearing a cargo of candles infused with the scents and flavors of exotic and rare spices and essences bound for his Great Carnival of Wonders in a new land.

The jealous and tempestuous ocean conspired to seize the precious cargo, casting the ghostly ship down in her dark waters, and all was lost…but not before a chart was drawn by the doomed Captain as the condemned ship foundered and sank.

Guided by the Captain’s ethereal hand, sole survivor Ol’ Rudy returned a century later, and there…oddly, miraculously… lay the lost cargo. Charmed and rusted, ancient in appearance but marvelously vibrant and more fragrant than the day they were poured, this is the collection of The Captain of the Southern Seas.

Jack of Aces

t t cowboy

Jack of Aces

The lipstick traces of bawdy house women

The tufted leather interior of a wayward stagecoach, Dusty and Road Worn

A snake oil medicine show man

Fine gentleman’s gloves stained with bourbon and cigar smoke

A Pearl handled derringer perfumed and hidden in the brim of a sweat stained elegant tall hat

He rode into town sequestered in the back of a well-worn coach that had seen too many miles of rough road not unlike its passenger

A trip that started east of the Mississippi in card games and oriental parlors in the company of scarlet woman and nefarious gentlemen of dubious means ended West of the Mississippi in the sultry outer banks of river towns that had prospered of late, parlaying in the sins and greed of wide eyed new comers to this still savage territory.  Jack (of Aces) worked all and every of these decadent places and took his reward in cash or consequence of virtue.  And traveled on making an army of sore losers and spurned woman. He kept himself impeccably dressed as it was in fitting repose that he looked the part of a well-heeled gentleman, a man of law and virtue that would uphold the very idea of a gentleman’s wager and would by basic nature honor all debts and the flitting virtue of over ripe woman waiting to be plucked from the ample bosom of southern charm.  Jack gambled not for money or the prize of the game but for the danger of the wager, the deal made with the Devil every time the dice rolled or a card turned. He knew that it was for a more subtle and secret reason he risked life and limb in town after town, the hopeless of hopes that he would catch the hollow eye of Ol’ Rudy and play once again against him for the hand of his beloved.  Jack thought he saw Ol’ Rudy in the glimmering light seen through the amber filter of the bottom of a bottle of whiskey or heard the rattle of his boney hands in the clatter of a parted beaded curtain in that whore house outside of New Orleans,  none were more than hope and misdirection.  It was in Tombstone of all misnamed and woe begotten places that Jack met up with Ol’ Rudy, neither hiding or appearing in a puff of smoke but sitting in shadow at the captain’s chair of an ongoing card game, boney fingers covered in worn kid gloves as thin as a veil and held a hand of cards close to his eyeless face.  His comrades filled the table one a more outlandish visage of old western characters than then next. A Indian chief with a face of a cigar store mascot left out in the weather for a 100 years with a rattle snake draped around his neck, A painted Dandy well past his prime in faded lavender velvet waistcoat and dabbing his rouged cheeks with a paisley silk ascot. A stout man of foreign descent with the look of a European aristocrat that had to leave his country of origin both quickly and secretly. The open seat across from Ol’ Rudy slid out to meet him and an ever so slightly tip of the hat invited Jack to take his seat.  From out of the rotting velvet curtains parting as she emerged was Persephone Alders, The one and only that held Jack’s heart. Her beauty was profound and somehow had grown almost sinister in her time as the consort of Ol’ Rudy. This was the moment Jack had awaited and yet he wondered what the stakes were the others were playing for. Round followed round and chips came and went. The air grew heavy with smoke and incense, with sweat and leather and the heavy vanilla perfume that embraced Persephone.  The heat drew the sweetness right out of the cedar lined room and kept the bourbon flowing. Jack noticed the hour only because it was the first time the clock had struck it. 3:00 am the midnight of the soul. At that moment the other players folded their hands and sat back silent. And it slowly dawned on Jack, that weeks ago that glancing shot from a jilted lover’s derringer had poisoned his blood and he was dying as he sat. And it was all so clear to him now. Ol’ Rudy did not steal Persephone, she had died that terrible winter back East, consumption and opium had taken her and Ol’ Rudy gave her a second life. The Indian killed by his snake so many years ago, The Dandy strangled by a Ganymede lover and the Aristocrat assassinated by a vindictive nationale who followed him across continents to avenge his overthrown family. Ol’ Rudy rose up and through the cemetery gate of his skull mouth these hollow flinty words slithered forth “ Come now Jack and join me and mine and be reunited with your love Persephone with this one caveat, For six months out of the year you shall ride the plains and the river fronts and you shall sell my wares and my medicines, You shall travel the waking world with Persephone by your side and you shall indulge in a life eternal so long as you return to my side when winter comes and set by my side and play for the souls of man and the virtue of woman.  Ol’ Rudy slid a heavy and worn leather doctor’s bag across the table and in it were the precious elixirs and potions of Ol’ Rudy’s Carnival Wax Sideshow ……… without a second of hesitation Jack of Aces took up the bag and Persephone rushed to his side, a tip of hats to all seated and off they road, never looking back.  They ride still across a mythic landscape and an endless twilight

jack_of_aces_10ml__02783.1268006082.220.220JACK OF ACES

The Devil’s Recipe a New Fragrance

The Devils Recipe

Smokescreen for those who are Devils themselves ‘

A wonderful elixir that mixes with the scent of brimstone and hellfire and a sinner’s skin

Camouflage for a wolf in wolves clothing. This is not to make you smell like the devil but to make a Devil smell like a Lady or Gentleman depending of whose skin you’re wearing at the time.

Harlots and Thieves, Rogues and Highway Women, Ne’er-do-wells and Black Widows,

A bright clean scent with a touch of  hard candy citrus pettigrain, an old fashioned apothecary, a tonic of tricks, and a fresh electric  peppermint top note that brightens the decadence you dwell in.



Some inspirational pics

t t cowboy 2

Outer Space Agatha

Just a self portrait and fun with Photoshop……

p.s. New Fragrance premiers Monday Feb.4th “Devil’s Recipe”

agatha in space

Death of a “Drug Lord”


Sad news has come my way. A main ingredient is no longer available so I am ending the reign of Drug Lord the fragrance.  I have only and I mean ONLY 5 bottles left and when they are gone, Drug Lord will be gone forever, entering the history books as all Drug Lords do, with a tragic end to an amazing but brief life.  The supplier of a special ingredient has passed away and I cannot make the fragrance any longer in the exact way it should be made.  So here we stand with only five bottles remaining as of this writing  (Sunday night January 6th)

Click Here to order “Drug Lord”

Product Description

An intoxicating blend of Patchouli and Spice, sweet Island Coconut, and Tahitian Vanilla bathed in Egyptian Musk.

Glass roll on bottle in a magical lookin’ cloth pouch

10ml – $90
Here are a few customer reviews

  1. Druglord is my choice of drug

    Posted by Rebecca G. on 12th Sep 2012

    This was my 2nd time ordering Druglord in the sample version. I believe my next order will be the 10-ml roll on. This scent to me has slight cinnamon tones mixed with sweet. It’s definitely another scent that friends/coworkers ask about. It’s not too strong but has just the right amount of allure to keep people guessing. Love it!

  2. Druglord is my LORD!

    Posted by Olivia Rains on 11th May 2012

    I spent some good time taking my time in selecting which fragrance I was going to choose because all of them are something special to say the least! I am a fragrance junky (also to say the least) and am very picky not just on what I like but how long it lasts, how it changes throughout the day, etc. I have gone through many oil based scents and all kinds of fragrances, but these are all one of a kind. For me it was definitely a close call between Druglord and Red Dragon. I like to change my scent as day to day with my mood. But I’m usually always either sugary sweet or super spicy/woodsy. This is probably why I had trouble deciding which to get between those two DL and RD. In the end after wearing them from the samples and how much I kept craving to smell Druglord I just knew I had to get it. I’m probably going to wait til close to fall time to get Red Dragon. The fragrance came all specially and carefully wrapped all up in a very cool box with the awesome labeling all around – it was like opening a treasure chest for me! Then the leather pouch was SUCH a cool bonus that the scent was nestled in so perfectly! I LOVE IT! Thank you for making these exquisite scents! ❤

  3. DeepBreath

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jan 2012

    I can honestly say I’m breathing deeply now! I never wear fragrances, but this is pure love!

  4. Euphoric

    Posted by ~Samantha on 3rd Dec 2010

    “DRUGLORD” is bewitching, intoxicating and mesmerizing. This is the only way I can describe this magick oil in a bottle that makes everyone I come in contact with feel like they’ve crashed into locomotive. I LOVE IT!!! It’s sweet but packs a punch that knocks men and women on their asses!

  5. Takes me to another place!

    Posted by Kim on 18th Nov 2010

    This is just magic in a bottle! Almost hard to describe…I get notes of cinnamon really coming through. It’s very exotic and intoxicating. Not too ‘loud’ but not exactly ‘whispering’ either. I love it and highly recommend it! I think it would work well on a man or a woman.